I am a Film Production Graduate from the University of Portsmouth.

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May 2017                                 Role: Production sound mixer

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PINK is a horror short film about two criminals caught in a real nightmare when they ingest a new experimental drug on the black market. I worked under a multitude of roles in this production, I began working as a Lighting Technician but also took over as Production Sound Mixer and Editor. I directed and edited the promotional press kit below


Sh*t Just Got Real

April 2016                                                                                 Role: Director

This was a short film that I worked on in my second year. It tells the story of a introvert who is thrown into a bizarre scenario when the convenience store of a bathroom he is using is being robbed at gunpoint while he is stuck without toiler paper. This is a hilarious short comedy directed by yours truly.

The Rutland Arms – Our Pub

Mar 2015                                                                                    Role: Audio

Filmed in a pub for the duration of one week, Rutland Arms is a film about the community and owners of a local pub in the Portsmouth area. I handled all audio recordings.

University of Portsmouth Info Film (AKA Alejandro’s Future Quicktime Show)

Dec 2014                                                                                      Role: Actor, Editor

The first production I worked on while at university, the aim of this film was to inform new students how to work the equipment as well as to show that we understand how it use it ourselves. We decided to make this more fun by turning it into a parody of 80’s instructional videos – I got to act in the lead role but while I was not in shot I would help with the lighting or the editing.

PARCS – Telling Tales

Dec 2014                                                                                       Role: Editor

Telling Tales was a quick shoot for a short film created for the Portsmouth Area Rape Crisis Service (PARCS) crisis centre. It’s aim was to promote awareness and my role was that of lead editor. This had to be shot in a short amount of time and it coincided with the production of the Info Film, so the team was very stressed – despite that we managed to create this touching short before the deadline.

Island City Stories: The Wave Maiden

May 2015                                                                                      Role: Lighting

This was an advertisement for a local wine and cheese shop which doubled as a bar/restaurant. This was one of those cases where we wanted to film more because we found the owners and establishment  very fascinating, but were unfortunately constricted by time. I set up the lighting in the short but I also did plenty of runner-esque odd jobs here and there during the production and I worked with Barnaby Boulton to edit the film.


December 2018                                 Role: Camera Operator, Photographer

I AM SAVVY is a new clothing line, and I worked with them to create their online marketing campaign by working as a photographer for the still images and a camera operator for their cover video


I am a Film Production Graduate from the University of Portsmouth.


Feel free to contact my email at: gabriel@perezyegres.com